Innovation Target

The project concentrates on finding new measures and solutions for the realization of a zero defect strategy in the field of AM, making the AM process more robust and sustainable.

This project will try to tackle zero defect AM in a more heuristic way, by setting up a modular model which can be applied to most AM technologies.

For the AM sector, as well as for the traditional sectors, the increase of efficiency in manufacturing products is very important. Because the main cost of AM products is in the process, to minimise these costs, productivity improvements need to be implemented [2]. To enhance the process performances of AM, the main targets of this project are:

  • To ensure the capability of the production process, so the process can be accomplished corerectly the first time.
  • Find a method to deal with the specifications and quality attributes of this technology.
  • Reassure a 100% quality control and quality certification, so the using the produced parts in high end applications is possible.

The ZeDAM project will provide a big step to a more extensive industrial use of the AM technologyto instigate the move from rapid prototyping to rapid manufacturing.