Compendium of Work-Packages

WP-Scheme 2

WP 1 : Architecture for Quality Control Loops

Concepts for the architecture of quality control loops containing all necessary process steps, information channels and flows and process roles will be developed and designed. This architecture will serve as a blueprint for the activities in the following work packages providing the obligatory structure.

WP 2 : AM Technology cases

Depending of the status of the AM technology of each of the partners, the general architecture of quality control loops will be implemented, fully or partially, in their own specific AM process. Also the aspects of taking into account the appropriate business model for zero defect manufacturing (developed in WP3) has to be implemented in each of the AM processes. The process control focuses of the following different AM technologies which are:

  • Selective Laser Melting (SLM)
  • Extrusion 3D Printing (E3DP)
  • Electron Beam Melting (EBM)
  • Laser Cladding (LC)

WP 3 : Business Model for Zero Defect AM

The third work package consists of setting up a business model for zero defect AM. In this section the economic benefits of all the previous implementations are calculated and simulated. The outcome of this work package will serve as a valuable decision tool for the industrial partners in the project.

WP 4 : Implementation, Validation

In work package 4 all architectures are implemented and the adapted processes are validated. The validation is on one hand based on academic case studies and on the other hand industrial case studies. The academic case studies can come from the academic partners and are usually bench mark cases, with explicit features and problems. The industrial case studies will come from the industrial partners. These are real parts which can be used in the industry or by end-users.

In this work package the newly implemented technology is tested. This work package will be a proof of concept and make the dissemination of the technology towards companies easier.

WP 5 : Dissemination

Objectives of this work package are the sustainable transfer of results to the SMEs and the publishing of project results.

WP 6 : Project Management

The most important management topics are listed below:

  • Coordination and management within each research partner entity
  • Coordination and management among the research partners
  • Organization of Steering Committee meetings
  • Organization of Consortium meetings
  • Technical, Financial and Management reporting